V I V I   V I R A V E N T O

Art direction, character design, props and effects for Vivi Viravento animated series.

The first season was directed by Priscilla Kellen and premiered on Discovery Kids Latin America in Dec.2017. Vivi Viravento was created by Alê Abreu (director of Boy and the World).
A R T   T E A M 

Art Direction: Elisa Carareto, Juan Herrera Prado, Marcella Tamayo 
Design & Illustration: Kel Vitorelo, Wiru, Yumi Tashiro
Art Intern: Ana Paula Carlos

A B O U T   V I V I
"Vivi is a girl who loves fantastic and imaginative adventures. In search for Viravento – the place where all the ideas are born – she travels around the world with her two best friends, the calm and quiet Mochião and the elfish Lanterninha." - Mixer Films

In each episode Vivi visits a different place. In the first season Vivi and her friends went to: Kenya, Tokyo, Iceland, Everest, São Paulo, Morocco, Iguazu Falls, Egypt, Hawaii, Atacama, Paris, China, London, Venice, Albuquerque, Galapagos, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, Yukon, Fernando de Noronha, Scottish Highlands, Canberra, Red Sea, Munnar and Gibraltar.